Frudo AI

As simple as taking a picture

Frudo will identify the item, price it, create listings on 10+ marketplaces, and manage all buyer interactions to maximize payout.

  • Sold in 7 days for $350 on Ebay
  • Sold in 2 days for $27 Craigslist
  • Sold in 7 days for $70 on Mercari

Sell anything around you

Our advanced vision models can identify almost any item and condition. Pricing is based on past sales and market trends. Tell us how quickly you would like it sold and we'll take it from there.

You remain in control

Whether you want to sell quickly or wait for the best price. Optionally, set the amount of money you'll receive from the sale to ensure our AI pricing algorithm follows your guidance, putting you in the driver's seat.

Shipping is on us!

Once the item sells we will provide a pre-paid shipping label.
Too big to handle? We'll send a pick-up service at your convenience.

Aligned with you to maximize value

We'll charge 5% of the price only if successful.
Our incentive is for you to get the most out of each sale.
You get paid once the customer receives the item.

Let us make you money

Selling your stuff online should be easy and effortless. Let's make it happen.